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Colum Press VSP 30-400

VSP Press 30-400

Hydraulic - Vertical column press Model VSP

Use your downtime?
align parts
grooves evacuate
Press in bushings
Benders and punch units operate!

Materials align, push slots, sockets and press in bearings,
Align shafts to operate benders and punch units and

Productive time use.

Devices must be secured to the machine table.
Tamp as required simply interchangeable connector system

Machine table surface milled,
Tapped hole in the grid over the entire table surface mounted.
Devices are either screwed - no matter where!

Compact integrated hydraulic aggregate made in Germany-

Compact integrated hydraulic power unit made?in Germany.

Fine pressure control for accurate and controlled presses and straightening

Tamp as required simply plug changeable system.
Flexible and quick to use as needed
Table surface milled with recording M12 threads in the grid over the entire table surface mounted.
Devices can be attached very easily and safely.

Through opening in center of the table with openings in the lower rack for use of broaches and broaching devices

Transportable by truck range



Easy to operate

Ready to install with plug


Lung pressure control on handwheel



Tamp changeable via plug-in system



Work table with milled recess in the frame and mounting thread


Compact hydraulic power pack


Special colors available at extra cost






















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